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Her husband is working all the time and she gets bored at home. She decided to leave her job and stay at home to take care of the. But her husband has been neglecting her and she was missing his love. One day, she had a guy come in to fix her stove. Her husband was out of the house and she was feeling hot.

Another man in the house was a tempting invitation for her. He was on the floor, looking at the cooker, and she got down to unzip his pants. His dick was so warm and she wanted it hard. The lonely housewife opened her mouth and her lips touched the head of his hard cock.

She slowly covered the cock with her lips swirling her tongue over the head. It was a long time since she had done it, but she was desperate to get that dick inside her. She got up and removed her panties. Her pussy was so wet just by being near this dick. It was craving a good fuck and it was about to receive it. The lady sat on top of the handyman and his dick surely was much handy to her. He was happy to have a sexy babe like this on his cock.

There was no way to decline this offer. He was still on the floor, and the horny babe was doing all the work. Her bootie was going up and down as she was jumping on his cock. And it was the perfect ass that was big and round. The guy was enjoying her pussy and he was happy to give her the first dick after that long period of dryness. He got up and asked for another blowjob. The blonde was happy to do it and she remembered how great fucking felt.

She was hungry for more and she was only warming up. She lifted her leg and the repairman started nailing her sweet pussy. It was so good to be fucked by this huge guy who had a big dick.

It was perfect for destroying her lonely pussy. He gave her the most intense orgasm and next week, her fridge broke next. They had been married for five years. In the beginning, their marriage life was fun and fulfilling, and it has slowly become dull and full of arguments. She has been unhappy for a long time now, and every day she reminisces about their sex life they were having years ago. Her husband was treating her like the center of his world, and now she feels sad, horny and lonely. One day she was taking a bath, horny and wishing for someone to take her straight away.

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As she was touching her pussy under the water and massaging her breasts, a hot stranger came into her bathroom and put his hands on her breasts. The sexy babe rubbed her wet slit up and down, parted her plump pussy lips, slipped fingers over her clit. The stranger took off his clothes and stood by the tub.

His dick was slowly rising and she opened her mouth to take it in. The man started pushing it deep into her mouth. She was so turned on and they were a perfect match.

He kissed her and helped her get out of the tub. He took her wet dress off and kissed her beautiful boobs. Big, soft, all natural tits! The naked girl got on the nearby sofa and spread her legs, offering her pussy. The man was so hungry and he got on his knees and started eating her cunt, kissing her all over, licking up her pussy with his tongue and swirling it around her clit.

She was happy to have finally had someone to make her feel special.

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She was holding her big tits and moaning from the pleasure she was feeling. They stood up and the busty naked babe lifted one leg on the sofa and let the stranger fuck her. He was standing behind her, holding her boobs while he was going inside her hardcore. She loved rough love and every time the stranger pulled her hair or grabbed her she got more aroused. He reached around and grabbed her tits with both hands, cupping them.

He was fucking her like every woman should be fucked. She was so thankful as she finally had the treatment she deserved.

He was doing her hard and her body was exciting him so much. While he was penetrating her fast, he felt he would cum soon, and he desperately wanted to cum inside her.

He wanted to keep going, until his new woman would feel the satisfaction herself. They were having the most passionate fuck as she was in doggy pose, while he was pounding her from behind. Her big tits with beautiful large areolas were swaying everywhere. His strong hands were everywhere on her flawless body, kneading her ass cheeks, caressing her breast, pulling her hair. He was going fast, and they were both ready to unload. He placed his strong hand on her clitoris and rubbed it while penetrating her. Her pussy was exhilarated and it climaxed, letting all the juices out.

He was happy that she was satisfied, and he let all his jizz inside her, finally.

They were both thrilled after a hot session. He gave her the kind of good fucking her husband could have never dreamt of. Just take a look at this naked blonde in the bathtub, popping her big bubble ass out of the water! One rule that all men know is never to leave your wife alone and disappointed sexually.

And, due to copious amounts of work and old age, this man did exactly that. He recently married a young woman, and he often left her alone due to work. She was disappointed, not satisfied, and secretly wished for a strong cock to plow her. She went to the bedroom and finger fucked herself till she squirt right in her pants. So, when the dude caught his stepmom squirting, he tried to seduce her.

He did it a little in a special way, he just pulled out his prick in front of her, smiled as he watched her reaction. She was hesitant at first. After that, though, her will cracked, and then she slowly advanced towards to suck his dick. And when she got the first taste, suddenly, he grabbed her head and began throat fucking her! It felt THAT good for her.

After that, she wanted to get fucked like a real hoe, so she started to ride him.

And with her big ass, it all looked amazing. This slutty wife had such a big, and meaty booty that watching her get plowed like that felt like the best thing in the universe for this dude. He stuffed her pussy, and pretty soon, he stuck it in her ass too. He fucked her like a maniac, and plowed both of her holes.

And, he was such a freaking pro that this chick squirted without stopping. He stuck it inside her pussy again. Just to please her some more and make her have an even stronger squirting orgasm. Her pussy squirted and covered the sheets with her juice. She was having another squirting orgasm within seconds.

He stuck his cock in her ass, then in her cunt, back to her asshole. His slutty stepmom rocked back to penetrate both her holes as deeply as possible.

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She pulls her big tits over her dress and lace bra and smothers him with them, waking him up. He takes her to the bedroomhiking her dress and spreading her sexy stocking clad legs so he can eat her out. She spre her pussy lips wide open with her hands so he can shove his big fat cock deep inside her snatch and pound her hard in missionary position. The professional slut makes him lie on his back so she can lick his balls and cock.